* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *
Welcome to LinkInTime

  Linkintime Ltd. is the fastest growing mobile technology company that serves today diverse businesses and million of customers.

  Established in 2004, linkintime Ltd. is a French - Yemeni company that has soon become the first and rapid growing Wireless Applications Services Provider in Yemen, and prospective replica watches contender in the Middle East region and Europe.

  Providing the latest and most powerful wireless application services on SMS, MMS, WAP & GPRS platforms to a broad range of GSM and CDMA operators and entreprises, allowing them to surmount the complex challenges of reach, speed, predictability and cost, in today's growing wireless and web environment.

  Within a year of establishment, with the support of our dynamic and highly professional corporate and technical teams in France and Yemen, we have covered most mobile and wireless services for mobile phone operators and entreprises in Yemen ranging from Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to various Value Added Services (VAS); to fully meet the rapid changes in the world of technology, wireless & web environment, and more importantly the rapid changing needs of customers.
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