* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *
  In all major banking sectors, SMS, WAP, Electronic, or Phone Banking Solutions as a full package is what all banking sectors are focused on.

  Is your bank equipped with full banking solutions? If not, why wait for long! LinkInBANK provided by LinkInTime Ltd. provides the necessary for your bank to get all solutions implemented in no time.

  LinkInBANK has the advantage of being fully adaptable upon request for extendibility of the solution. It means that, if your bank has decided to implement SMS Banking solution; its expandability to a WAP, Electronic, or Phone Banking Solution can be integrated upon request for the needs of your clients.

  LinkInBANK Solution is provided to your bank as package fully integrated, and we in LinkInTime as service providers, provide you the full package in the following three subsequent stages:

  • LinkInBANK - Platform (SMS Banking, WAP Banking, Electronic Banking and Phone Banking)
  • SMS Service Provider Solution (Connectivity with GSM / CDMA operators concerning Bulk SMS for Push & Pull features)
  • BackOffice Interface.
  Of course, the above three stages, show the panoramic image of the full LinkInBANK Solution, however, it will be upon the request of your bank to choose which steps are seen as necessary to complete the solution.

  However, taking the full LinkInBANK will surely provide ease of completion as the stages of the solution are interlinked.

  Furthermore, with the strong link and experience that LinkInTime has attained throughout its business with banking sectors and Mobile phone operators in the region we could can alleviate the delivery and implementation of LinkInBANK to your bank.
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