* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *
  LinkInNEWS service uniquely awards its customers the advantage to get latest local and political, international, business, sport and variety news and information on their GSM and CDMA mobile handsets to stay connected by viewing breaking news in real time, in Arabic and English.

  This pioneering new service identifies the new and growing standards for future mobile, Internet and multimedia services, delivering maximum benefit for customers, enabling LinkInTime to become the pioneering News service provider.

  LinkInNEWS in the market.

  The service was launched in February 2005, known as SabaNews service. Soon, upon its launching, mobile phone operators in Yemen considered the service as a success, reflected by the rapid increase in the number of subscribers, as well as the accuracy and pace of news delivered to their customers, enabling the service to gain the appreciation from the general public, for being a robust and fully informative tool of media, that changed customers' attitudes towards mobile services.

  Existing prospects of the service:

  The total number of subscribers until June 2006 has reached an astonishing level of 47,000 shared between the different mobile phone operators (CDMA / GSM) as followed:

25,000 Subscribers
SpaceTel Yemen
15,000 Subscribers
Yemen Mobile
7,000 Subscribers
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