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  LITRACK is an advanced system for Vehicle Satellite Tracking. It combines multiple wireless communication technologies such as GPS, GPRS, SMS and Bluetooth.

  This combination of technologies is managed by an intelligent analysis server that gives a powerful and flexible tool for vehicle tracking and vehicle behavior control in real-time.

  Both, the flexibility and scalability of the system enable the user to have a total view of his/her complete fleet under any circumstances.

  The system is divided into two main parts:
  • 1. Mobile Unit Subsystem "MUS"

  •   The MUS is the system installed in the mobile unit of the fleet. All units of the fleet covered by the system must have a MUS installed. The two main functionalities of a MUS are localisation and the transmission.

      LITRACK is based on satellite localisation technology with a precision of 50 cm.

    • For localisation, GPS technology is used.
    • For control and data transmission, a combination of GPRS and SMS is used.

  • 2. Control Center Subsystem "CCS"

  •   The CCS is the system deployed in the Control Center controlling and managing the fleet.
      The functionalities of the CCS are:

    • Analyzing and processing the transmitted data.
    • Displaying fleet analysed data.
    • MUS setting and control.
    • Storing all system activity.
  LITRACK proposes many features based on fleet activity depending on user needs, such as:
  • Unit Trip "Kilometrage".
  • Unit Speed "Velocity".
  • Unit Zoning.
  • Activity Replay.
  • Alerts (Rule and Analytical Alerts).
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