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What is LinkInW@P?

LinkInW@P offers to GSM and CDMA customers the possibility to enrich their handsets in complete efficiency, by having an access to a "user friendly" portal giving them a wide choice of multimedia services.

LinkInW@P portal is considered as the main frame interface used by the end user.

It enables users to make their choice in choosing the different catalogues provided.

In each of the catalogues, users can have access to various multimedia services that are offered through WAP protocol.

The portal has the advantage to be flexible in terms of categorization of the various multimedia services.

There are various categories of multimedia services, they are considered as sub modules. The different multimedia sub modules are:

  • Resource sub module:

  • Under this sub module, users can have access to the following multimedia service:
    • Ring tones (all categories, all formats: .wav, .mid, etc...)
    • Pictures (all categories, all formats: .jpg, .gif, etc...)
    • Java Games (All Categories)
    • MP3 songs (All Categories)
    • MMS

  • Interactivity with the operator's Customer Care and Marketing Departments sub module:

  • Under this sub module, users can have a very efficient way in finding information concerning the different services offered by the operator, and even contacting the Customer Care Department, by submitting their comments or complaints.

  • Access to customized services' catalogues sub module

  • A customized catalogue that offers to WAP users, information and control commands for the SMS, MMS services as well as call time special offers and packages that the operator offers, in a fully customized catalogue.
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