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  AKHABARAK "Regional News Service"

  The main concept of AKHABARAK news service is the launching the first regional news services through SMS for the first time in the Yemeni market.

  AKHBARAK is a news service fully dedicated to each of the 21 main cities and regions in the Republic of Yemen in addition to the Island of Socotra

  One of the main reasons why AKHBARAK is a successful as well as an important service, is mainly because it has been found out that the vast majority of Yemeni citizens can hardly get in touch or even get regular updates concerning the cities and regions they live and work in due to governmental media (Television, Radio) lack of regional news coverage.

  Also, as one of the most important population facts in the Republic of Yemen is the high rate of rural to urban migration, that lead to the high population density in urban regions, penalizing rural areas.

  Saba News Agency the source of AKHABARAK

  Saba News Agency is the only leading governmental news agency in the Republic of Yemen.

  As one of the greatest advantages of Saba News Agency its constant presence around the Republic of Yemen with a representative office in each of the 21 cities, and 2 two offices in Hadhramout.

  2006 statistics have showed that the number of news received in each of SabaNews Agency offices and sent to the head office in Sana'a, totaled up to approximately 150 news everyday from every city.

  How to subscribe

  Send by SMS the desired Yemeni City name in Arabic to the short code 1151 for a monthly subscription, per category per month subscription YER 150

  To deactivate your subscription send an SMS to 1152 .
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