* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *
  Cancer Donation

  Cancer Donation Service is a service that was proposed from LinkInTime to the Cancer Donation and Patient's Establishment, as to find a way to increase the revenue of the organisation by an inventive way.

  Of course, the total revenue generated from the service is totally to the benefit of the Cancer Donation and Patient's Establishment, as part of LinkInTime essential humanitarian action.

  Since the service launching in November 2004, this service has gained a great appreciation many people living is rural areas do find it difficult to travel to the Capital Sana'a as to donate to the Establishment through a bank transfer.

  Therefore, and especially that Yemen Mobile has proved its widespread among rural areas, we strongly believe that in addition to the way that this service will facilitate the task of urban citizens, but adding the generous donation of rural citizens.

  Facts on the service

  The service was launched in 204, as mentioned below, for both GSM operators, SabaFon and SpaceTel Yemen, where great appreciation was found also from the management.

  Since launching, the service has brought encouraging donations approximately YER 3,000,000 and 2007 is believed to be a prosperous year for the service as a full marketing campaign will be sponsored fully by LinkInTime Ltd. in association of the Establishment, and the launching of the service with Yemen Mobile is strongly believed to add a strength of the service.

  How to donate?

  You can donate by sending an SMS to one or all the below short codes:

  To deactivate your subscription send an SMS to 1152 .

YER 100 (SabaFon, MTN Yemen & Yemen Mobile)
YER 50 (SabaFon & Yemen Mobile)
YER 100 (SabaFon & Yemen Mobile)
YER 250 (SabaFon & Yemen Mobile)
YER 300 (SabaFon & Yemen Mobile)
YER 500 (SabaFon & Yemen Mobile)
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