* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *

  DardaCHAT service is the first interactive text messaging system that has the ability to be the inter link between all mobile phone operators that operate either through CDMA or GSM.

  It is a messaging service that is presently deployed in both languages Arabic and English, having a benefit to be deployed in any language, giving its adaptability to be launched in any country.

  The service presently has 23 major commands that are categorized into five command sections that include:

  • Registration
  • Search & Information
  • One - to - One Chat
  • Room Creation, Invitations & One – to – All Chat
  • Control & Help

  Advantages of DardaCHAT

  • User friendliness:
  • DardaCHAT user friendly side enables chatters to get used to the service as soon as they pass the registration phase. This unique easy accessibility side of the service is the result of remarkable market study of LinkInTime Ltd. team in trying to provide a service that is targeted to Yemeni users’ mentality and familiarity towards the use of SMS in terms of appropriate: command names, inclusion of Yemeni dialects, easily accessed extensive help tool to automatically provide guidance for unfamiliar users
  • Group Chat:
  • The above structure of the service facilitates the creation of groups of chatters that share similar ideas, perceptions, intellect through the different chat channels that are open to any chatter, such as One-to-One Chat and One-to-Many Chat
  • Command & Control:
  • Having a powerful command & control tool to individual chatters, gives chatters more freedom towards the use of the service, notably by having the ability to interactively black list and free chatters in the community
  • Search
  • A powerful and on real time search tool, giving more interactivity to chatters at any time of the day.

  New Implemented features:

  • Mix ‘n’ Match concept
  • Precise and robust search tool (delivering results by age, profile and gender)
  • Regular automatic updates to all active chatters (informing them about new features)
  • For first time registration, a complete guide for essential commands use
  • Extensive filtering tool for inappropriate nicknames and room names
  • Technical tools reducing delays during peak hours
  • A technical tool encouraging chatters to participate during off peak hours
  • Intelligent Analysis system for user error interpretation & chatters community distribution
  • Inter link between all local and international GSM and CDMA operators.
  • Giving chatters the possibility to create friend lists
  • The possibility of a friend list creator to attribute an alias to his friend list members
  • Open the channel between DardaCHAT SMS to internet chat programmes (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ)
  • DardaCHAT MMS
  • DardaCHAT WAP

For more information on how to use this service visit: www.chat8888.com
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