* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *

  People live their lives in different ways, and of course interact differently with each other.

  For this reason, to give people the extra mile throughout their ordinary days, LinkInTime proposes the finely studied SMS religious service GHOFRAN

  The service consists of daily messages or prayers (?????) categorized into 3 or 4 periods of the day, Fajjr, Thuhur, Assr, Maghreb and Ishaa

  The above categorization will be constructive for the subscriber receiving the daily messages to show that the service does have a relative meaning as the day goes by. For example, a morning message to encourage the person at work, Thuhur message reminding the person that god is besides him / her for better achievement at work, Maghreb message to thank god for a peaceful end of day, and so on.

  Special features to be implemented exclusively for Yemen Mobile:

A messaging variation system will be implemented to avoid all sorts of repetition among subscribers receiving the same message at the same period of time. For this, a system sending three to four random messages per period to the subscribers will add a feature that was not implemented previously.

  Subscription Process:

   To subscribe to the service, send an SMS to 8040 for a monthly subscription To deactivate your subscription, send by SMS the word ????? to 8039
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