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  Today in History

  It's a fact that every one of us recurrently asks the same questions:

    What event occurred on the date of my birth?

            What historical event happened on today’s date?

    Does today coincide with an important sport event?

            Will tomorrow be the memorial of important events in our Islamic history?

    Is tomorrow an important day in the world and history of world politics?

  And of course many countless questions

  All the above questions are questions that you have asked yourself at least once. Asking yourself this question is simple; however, getting the answer is more demanding in research as well as trying to get the tools that offer you the answer.

  LinkInTime Ltd. new SMS service "Today In History" enables your respectful and questioning customers a perfect and user friendly way in getting all answers in no time.

  Structure of the service:

  After various studies, from all sides, it was settled down that the most appropriate structure of the service will be in the form of categories, where each category will be distinctive from one another in terms of content, short code and other features, and all categories will be available for your customers in the form of monthly subscription.

  As a starting stage, there will be 4 categories in Arabic only, and an English category that will be launched in later stages.

  Arabic categories:
  • Islamic events
  • Sports events
  • Political events
  • Variety events

  Subscription Process

  Send an SMS to the following short codes for the desired categories in Arabic:

activation for
Islamic events
activation for
Sports events
activation for
Political events
activation for
Variety events
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