* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *

  Najah magazine can be said to be the only magazine of its kind concentrating on non journalistic subjects by emphasising more on daily professional and personal advice based on actual social events.

  Najah SMS is a service that will be launched with the cooperation of both LinkInTime Ltd. and Najah magazine

  The service presently has 23 major commands that are categorized into five command sections that include:

  Information on Najah magazine
  • Record:
  • Established in 2004 as a local Yemeni magazine
  • Orientation:
      Independent and general, aiming more at
    • local micro-economic news and achievements,
    • Small to Medium companies’ news and prospects
    • Opinions on major social issues and behaviours
    • Professional family advice
  • Editions:
  • Monthly editions
  • Sales:
  • Selling monthly over 4,000 (Four Thousand) copies throughout the country

      Concept of Najah SMS

      Will on the one hand serve as a useful compliment for regular readers of Najah Magazine; on the other hand provide a tool of advice and information for subscribers who are unaware of Najah Magazine

      Service mechanism

      Monthly subscription,
    Subscribers will receive 3 three daily messages at 10h00, 16h00 and 19h00
    Automatic daily renew procedure for Post Paid subscribers

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