* * * LinkInTime launched successfully Alafassi service in Yemen. * * *

  SabaNews service can be considered as the most mature service of LinkInTime Ltd. as its launching dates from beginning 2005 within the two GSM operators SabaFon and MTN Yemen (previously SpaceTel Yemen) and beginning 2006 with Yemen Mobile the CDMA operator.

  Its maturity coupled with the close partnership with the news provider Saba News Agency the only news agency in the Republic of Yemen proved its position in the market as the leading mobile news service in the Yemeni market.

  When the service was first launched in 2005, other news services such as Al Jazeera Mobile and Reuters Mobile were already settled in the market, however SabaNews service had the unique particularity as the only mobile news service dedicated first of all to local Yemeni Political news while at the same time providing a wide range of categories including International, Sports, Business and Variety in both languages in Arabic and English with a high standard of journalism of highly qualified journalist from Saba News Agency.

  Taking the above, we believe that taking this diversification and high quality emphasizing in Local Yemeni Political News was the success key of the service.

  Facts on the service since launching

  As it is mentioned above, the service has gained high popularity, comparing trend of total subscribers from February 2005 until July 2007 taking also the comparison of the number of subscribers to other local SMS news providers since their launching.

  Features of the service

  The service, as mentioned above, is made up of 12 categories detailed as the below table shows:
Category Name Language Availability
Local Political Yemen News AR & EN
Local & International Business News AR & EN
Local & International Sports News AR & EN
Local & International Variety News AR & EN
Local & International Art AR & EN
International News AR & EN

  The above categorisation enabled the service to gather the great number of subscribers mentioned above by targeting the different interests of our subscribers.
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